Dangerous Character Flaws in Antigone

dangerous Character Flaws in Antigone

committing suicide. His hubris alienates Teiresias, Haimon, and his people. . To unlock this lesson you must be a m Member. It is important for Antigone to do what she believes is so that she will be pleased and satisfied with the outcome. Not even the Choragos was too insignificant to suffer the wrath. After Creon discovers that Antigone has defied his command, he questions her. At first, he seems to have an opportunity to be a good king, but he makes foolish decisions based on arrogance and loses everything in the end. Now I do not. Creon will not listen to wise council or even to his own family members who try to dissuade him from executing Antigone-he wants to make an example out of her.

Antigone's overarching flaw gives her strength to follow her convictions. Antigone believes what she is doing is correct and proves that to Creon, but he is still not convinced. Some scholars have argued that Creon, the King of Thebes, is the tragic hero. Like Antigone, he is prideful and stubborn. Tragic realization: Creon fits the role of tragic hero slightly better than Antigone does because of his changes in Chiles Constitution extensive realization at the play's end. .

Antigone does this because she knows she is doing the right thing and knows that she will be repaid in some way. Although she does not believe (or realize) that she has done anything to bring about her own downfall, she does question the unfairness of her situation and even becomes argumentative with the Choragos. The theory that Creon may be the real central tragic hero of this play is due to the unconventionality of a female tragic heroine. Creon's tragic hero-like qualities, including his own tragic flaw, provide an interesting platform for debate about whether he is the actual hero of this play. Teiresias attempts to explain to Creon the severity of Creon's actions, but Creon only shuns show more content, creon's fatal flaw overcomes him in a discussion with his son. His hubris transcends his better judgement and causes Creon to become defensive. . For Antigone, the flaw brings about her demise and serves as a moral lesson for the audience. In this lesson we will explore Antigone's tragic flaw and the possibility of a second tragic hero.