Parthenon Pantheon Comparison

parthenon Pantheon Comparison

of a 9 m through which the light is falling on the temple. Between 18, Thomas Bruce, 7th Earl of Elgin and British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, removed several sculptures from the Parthenon in Athens and shipped them to England, where he sold them to the British Museum in 1816. The Parthenon is an architectural project and deals with forms of science and mathematics. This perfection was important at the time because the Greeks saw themselves as rising to the level of the gods and nearing perfection. Unlike those examples, the Pantheon was a completely free-standing building, and the first semi-circular domed structure. Interior Parthenon is divided into two premises : 1) with the spla situated therein statue of Athena made of gold and ivory (height 12m ) over a statue of the goddess was located a sunny window.

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It brian Dennehy as Willy Loman was made of wood, which supported ivory pieces on the top of the statue. tags: greek, athena, parthenon. The spherical shape of the Pantheon is formed by two intersecting circles which creates space and that is key to this building. Length: 1088 words (3.1 double-spaced pages rating: Excellent, essay Preview. The other main parts of the temple are the entrance porch and the vestibule. The Parthenon represents the Greek ideals of humanism, idealism, and rationalism. APA, mLA, chicago, parthenon Pantheon Comparison.

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