Should The Internet Be Censored

should The Internet Be Censored

the colonies so many years ago. Is there something wrong with them?!Or is the USA's economic trouble making them dizzy or crazy? Because I'm so wise is why." The macbeth Degeneration as a Human Being media has a right to report any information they obtain, butLaw Enforcement and the courts can prevent the media from obtainingsensitive information (by not telling them). So essentially the web as we know it would cease to exist. For instance, if they played an explicit uncensored song on the radio and a five year old is listening, then they will probably find out what it means and then say that word(s) more often then other kids will follow and then the world will. That continues over to the next generation that might result in worse possibilities. Simply because media is available to every age group, therefore, there is a need to filter and censor inappropriate images/articles from the children's eyes. Time has proven that censorship has been one of the most controversial topics that can ever be discussed or reviewed.

No, music should not be censored. If you do want your child to be a normal smart intelligent child? By just censoring one song could make the difference of a child not yelling at their mother. Moreover, the violence from the Internet will mislead. Recently, two terms have become synonymous with controversial-cyber-porn and hacking. Something is needed, just as the police are there to protect ourselves and our the Story of Luis Montez property, and enforce laws which are for our safety. Indecency laws are in effect between 6 AM and. But don't ruin it for the ones who can listen to it by making it censored! Don't go blaming the music. Like if the kid watches something that has a lot of violence in it and watches the same thing again and again then the kid would be more prone to violence and aggresivness.

However, the Internet can be censored in such a way that it remains a good source of information and a lively social space while protecting those who are most vulnerable to Internet exploitation. Because, remember now the Internet is worldwide and it involves every single country in the world. If a person thinks the Internet should be censored then the following question should be asked: Who should censor the Internet the federal government or parents? Yes, the internet should defiantly be censored! Children are too easily exposed to immoral cites on the internet.