Cluttered Attic, Cluttered Thoughts

cluttered Attic, Cluttered Thoughts

what about non-physical clutter that fills up our minds and fogs our vision every day, every second even? Below is a photo from a participant, Sarah, who said, "Our attic is a nightmare that definitely needs decluttered! Theres room only high School Students and Community Service for half the stuff in your head anyway! And you can only take with you what you plan to use.

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In fact, we can even thank this law of physics because it has compelled so many of us to choose a path to a simpler life, to live with less so we can create more space and more openness to breathe and to live. Choose carefully what you pack. We want to fill our minds with positive thoughts and our hearts with peace and joy and love. As long as everything squeezes up there? However, when accessing things in the attic I know, practically, and for safety reasons, you may need someone else's assistance to bring everything down from the space, and it would be inconvenient to have to have that person help you every single time you want. If your situation is one where everything needs to be brought down at once, I suggest that before you start decluttering the attic you declutter and clear out a large staging area somewhere else in your home (that is NOT in an everyday living area).

So if you chose to bring everythingthe good, the bad and the uglyyour tiny space will be beyond cluttered. You can get even more tips for decluttering books here. Worry until you are sick.