What Would the World be Like Without French Culture

what Would the World be Like Without French Culture

executive director of the National Institute on Retirement Security, told. Source 9, water problems affect half of humanity: Some.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and.6 billion lack basic sanitation. Source 18 World gross domestic product (world population approximately.5 billion) in 2006 was.2 trillion in 2006. The next 51 percent of all wealth is owned by the next.4 million just.14 of the worlds population. To make matters worse, official data are not usually available from countries in conflict or post-conflict situations. Source 2, the poorest 40 percent of the worlds population accounts for 5 percent of global income. But the 1 a day used then would.45 a day now if just inflation was accounted for. Source 15 In 2005, the wealthiest 20 of the world accounted for.6 of total private horror Films and Their Appeal consumption. Sub-Saharan Africa loses about 5 of GDP, or some.4 billion annually, a figure that exceeds total aid flows and debt relief to the region in 2003. If todays middle-class households curtail their spending when they retire, the whole economy could suffer. Source 23 The wealthiest nation on Earth has the widest gap between rich and poor of any industrialized nation.

Source 13 In developing countries some.5 billion people are forced to rely on biomassfuelwood, charcoal and animal dungto meet their energy needs for cooking. For the.9 billion children from the developing world, there are: 640 million without adequate shelter (1 in 3) 400 million with no access to safe water (1 in 5) 270 million with no access to health services (1 in 7). (Note that the statistic cited uses children as those under the age of five.

Make every part of your online identity count. In the early decades of our work, we were serving communities that had been poor when they were younger, Prindiville told. Life Expectancy: Progress in life expectancy was also reduced for 4 out of the 5 groups of countries, with the exception of the highest group (life expectancy 69-76 years). This presents a worrying preview of what could befall millions of workers who will retire in the coming decades. The poorest fifth just.5: The poorest 10 accounted for just.5 and the wealthiest 10 accounted for 59 of all the consumption: Source.6 billion analyse Doris Lessing people a quarter of humanity live without electricity: Breaking that down further: Number of people living without electricity. If it was say 6, or 7, the numbers would be even higher.) back See the following: 2007 Human Development Report (HDR United Nations Development Program, November 27, 2007,.25.

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