The Wormsley Common Gang by Graham Green

the Wormsley Common Gang by Graham Green

no longer concerned the gang as their absorption into nihilism is complete. . We are going to destroy this house. He may come in at the back. Thomas let out an experimental yell, but nobody answered. Half an hour for lunch and they were at work again. Perhaps after all nobody had turned up: The plan had been a wild invention: They had woken wiser. It is human nature to get rid of the things that make us uncomfortable.

'Come over here he said, 'and look.' Out of both pockets he drew bundles of pound notes. There was no sign from. The boys face peered down, an arm shot out, and. Danger of serious crash. You showed me your house. Even the grown-up gangs who ran the betting at the all-in wrestling and the barrow-boys would hear with respect of how Old Misery's house had been destroyed.

Ive got a better idea. Stay here, Blackie, all of you till I yell. 'What do you mean, a beautiful house?' Blackie asked with scorn. He looked at the ground, as though he had thoughts to hide. They could hear his urgent breathing as they unlocked the door. 'Where's my house?' 'Search me the driver said.