The Article on Taliban Women

the Article on Taliban Women

troops, the collapse of Afghanistans communist regime, and the subsequent breakdown in civil order. In addition, Afghanistan also signed the Millennium Development Goals program in 2004, of which two of the eight goals are specific to female literacy: Target 3: Ensure that children, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling. Womens literacy levels are estimated to be up by seven percent overall. However, years of conflict meant that nuclear families often struggled to support themselves let alone aid additional relatives. How am I to live if I can't go out alone?" 14 A field worker for the NGO Terre des hommes witnessed the impact on female mobility at Kabul's largest state-run orphanage, Taskia Maskan. "The reach of Taliban governance demonstrates that they do not have to formally occupy territory to control what happens within. She was imprisoned for three years and extensively tortured prior to the execution, yet she refused to plead her innocence in a bid to protect her daughter (reportedly the actual culprit). Of those who remained, many lived in fear of the regime and chose to reside at the hospital during the working week to minimise exposure to Taliban forces. Human rights, taliban Era, afghanistan possesses a cultural legacy of conservatism characterized by a strong division of gender roles.

Incapable of sharing our emotions, we each enclose ourselves in our own fear and distress. The Talibans influence on services and everyday life extends far beyond areas they can be said to control or contest. "Amnesty International Afghanistan: No more empty promises in Paris".

They are using women only as a symbol. The government is in the middle of a three-day vaccination drive targeting high risk areas of the country as part of an effort to immunise millions of children under the age of five. Rescue workers move the body of one of the Polio vaccination workers to a mortuary. Resistance to the Taliban continued, however, particularly among non-Pashtun ethnic groupsnamely, the. 7 8, the Taliban allowed and in some cases encouraged marriage for girls under the age. Also, selling products in the market continues to be a major obstacle for women due to limited mobility caused by a lack of security.