Air and Angels By John Donne

air and Angels By John Donne

by a Picture, the Bait. The mix between this world of the flesh and the world of the pure spirit of love are constantly playing off and one another as earthly and heavenly or supernatural images are juxtaposed. Like love itself, the women to whom Donne's verses are addressed are usually praised in hyperbolic terms. Meditation IV: Medicusque vocatur.

This poem accomplishes its task of questioning the relationship between the ethereal and intangible nature of a pure" emotion by placing the idea of love in a number of different contexts. The Physician is afraid. Woman's Constancy, the Undertaking, the Sun Rising, the Indifferent. Meditation XV: Intere insomnes. Love according to him, in the first stanza, needs to take a bodily form to be recognized. In conclusion, the poem is not merely a love sonnet or a religious verse. Love: Love is not only portrayed as itself, it also acts as a metaphor for the speakers beloved.