Quebec Nationalism Issue

quebec Nationalism Issue

government and the Canadien government in Ottawa feel that even if Quebec were to secede the rest of Canada will remain united. In other words, their social concern was rooted in their desire to maintain unaltered the pillar of Catholicism. There is so many questions of what will happen if this does happen. In this recent period of Quebec history, we are confronted with difficulties in interpretation.

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Quebec nationalists on the issue of whether.
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His main problem is the Federalist, English speaking citizens of his province. In shedding the strongly ethnic components that defined the earlier nationalism, including its racist elements, the new cement of the nationalism became primarily the territorial element, focused on Quebec. Despite all of this, many feel that this is not the reason for Quebec secession. About 60 percent of the French voted for secession in the 1995 referendum, at a remarkably high turn out, 94 percent of the total electorate. This was self-evident with the professional class of the pre 1840 period, as well as with the clerical class of the ultramontane period. Quebec Divisible in The Economist(US) December 6,1997 v344 n8046. Thus, at any one time, there was a dominant form of nationalism in Quebec.