Textual Analysis

textual Analysis

fun content. It is going to improve its services by re-developing the online broadcasting system. Programmi politici, brochure turistiche, discorsi elettorali) piuttosto che in altri (es. 4) What are the attitude and the tone of the text under analysis (positive negative, ironical, lyrical, sad, and joyful) 5) How do the actions and the speech of personages characterize them? Also consider 3 4 5). Ad esempio, se in determinate tipologie testuali (tipicamente quelle con basso grado di persuasivit) la comunicazione implicita meno frequente e ha come sua funzione principale quella di sveltire lesposizione, limitandone il carattere ridondante, in altre tipologie essa destinata a costruire consensi nella mente dellinterlocutore. (a public speech, an advertisement, an academic text, a letter, a feature article, a polemic article etc.). Step 3b 1) What is the structure of the text? What is textual analysis? OTV is a company which delivers online TV broadcasting services.

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6) What are the relations between characters speech and the authors remarks in drama? Step 4b, what is the authors message? (narration, description, characters speech) 2) What compositional elements can we see there? (relevant for both prose and poetry) 10) Consider points 3) and 4). 8) What metre does the poet use?

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