History Of Physical Education

history Of Physical Education

in History:The Federal Government Takes on Physical Fitness." Retrieved November 24, 2007. The philosophy of the Athenians was quite different compared to the Spartans. Anderson, The Discipline and the Profession (Foundations of Canadian Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports Studies (Dubuque, IA:. Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island, 1917. Evidence of physical education as a discipline can be traced to the early Greeks. This continued on into the 1900's which brought on the creation of the National Collegiate Athletic Association to regulate college athletics, and the golden age of sports during the 20' and 30's. 4 Some schools also require physical education as a way to promote weight loss in students.

However, his well-intended President's Council on Youth Fitness never fully materialized, and it was left up to the succeeding President John. Physical education is promoted as a way to teach students about teamwork and sports, but also is a means to develop and maintain physical fitness. Moving into the Future: National Standards for Physical Education. Often, many different types of physical education occur simultaneously, some intentionally and others not. Greek influence is often argued to be the most fundamental to how the discipline is viewed today. These cycles range from a strict authoritarianism to the liberal democracy of today.